Cemetery & Mausoleum Services for Fairfield, CT & Beyond

Final Disposition Options

If you are considering a traditional in-ground burial for yourself or a loved one, Oak Lawn provides a beautiful setting. Our cemetery is full of specimen trees, benches, and manicured lawns. With a full-time staff of experienced landscapers our grounds look pristine and provide a warm setting for families, friends, and visitors.

We also have options for above-ground burial and cremated remains. Please continue to read to learn more about how Oak Lawn Cemetery can help you and your family.

Grave Sites

Our cemetery has many acres of beautiful, undeveloped land available for grave sites. With single, double, and triple lots available, we have options to suit every family. We also have a great deal of land available, so every family can be presented with their choice of sites.

Choosing a final resting place is a very personal decision, and we always strive to present our families with options. We invite you to take a tour of our cemetery to see what sections appeal to you and which you would like to choose.

Cremated Remains Sites

In addition to traditional grave sites, we also have sites for cremated human remains. These remains are usually placed in an urn that is placed indoors or outdoors.

We have recently completed a new urn garden to serve as a final resting place for urns. This area is tastefully landscaped and provides a tranquil, peaceful environment for remembrance and meditation.

Above-Ground Options

The Oak Lawn Mausoleum was built in 2003 to provide our families with an option in addition to traditional burial. To learn more about our mausoleum, please click here.

Glossary of Terms

Crypt: A space set aside for casketed human remains or an urn. Generally in a mausoleum.

Disposition: Placing whole and/or cremated human remains in their final resting place.

Entombment: Burial in a mausoleum as opposed to in the earth.

Grave: A space in the ground for casketed human remains or an urn. Generally in a cemetery.

Interment: Final burial, inurnment, or entombment of human remains.

Mausoleum: A building for the burial (entombment) of human remains.

Niche: A small space in a mausoleum created to hold an urn.

Urn: Container to hold cremated human remains. May be buried in the ground or placed in a mausoleum or columbarium.

Vault: Outer burial container made to enclose a casket.
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