Staff Directory

Staff Directory

If you have questions or concerns about Oak Lawn Cemetery, please do not hesitate to contact our staff directly.
Telephone number 

Fax number 

Bronson Hawley, President 
Contact Bronson for information on The Oak Lawn Mausoleum.

Jerry Wolak, Grounds Foreman 
Maintenance Department
Contact Jerry for information about our grounds.

Michele Coscia
Office Manager
Contact: Michele for general information

Richard Kuhn
Director of Monument Sales
Contact Rich for information on purchasing monuments.
(203) 307-5854 or (203) 292-1277

(203) 256-0794

(203) 307-5854, ext. 103

(203) 307-5854, ext. 102

(203) 307-5854, ext. 100

(203) 307-5854, ext. 102

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