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Apiary: A place where bees are kept, a collection of beehives.
Arboretum: A botanical collection composed of trees and shrubs.

Crypt: A space set aside for casketed human remains or an urn. Generally in a mausoleum.

Community Mausoleum: An above-ground public crypt memorializing multiple people. 
Disposition: Placing whole and/or cremated human remains in their final resting place.
Entombment: Process of placing a casket in a crypt.
Estate Lot: a Larger private family lot, to accommodate multiple burials with larger monuments and personalized landscaping.
Grave: A space in the ground for casketed human remains or an urn. Generally in a cemetery.
Interment: Final burial, inurnment, or entombment of human remains.
Inurnment: Placement of cremated remains.
Mausoleum: A building for the burial (entombment) of human remains.
Private Family Mausoleum: An above-ground granite building, built to house the remains of multiple family members.
Niche: A small space in a mausoleum created to hold an urn.
Urn: Container to hold cremated human remains. May be buried in the ground or placed in a mausoleum or columbarium.
Vault: Outer burial container made to enclose a casket.