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Lot owners are permitted to plant around the graves of their loved ones. The plantings, to a maximum 12 inches from the base of the monument, must be on the burial side of the monument.


The following rules must be adhered to so that our maintenance staff can maintain the beauty of the entire cemetery and minimize the potential for injury to our staff when they are operating machinery around grave sites.


Winter decorations (wreaths, blankets, holiday logs, etc) are allowed between December 1st and March 1st. Beginning March 1st, the maintenance staff will remove all winter decorations. If a lot holder wishes to retrieve any decorations they must do so prior to March 1st.


Potted plants are permitted on Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Easter, and Memorial Day. One week after the holiday occurred, these plants will be removed by the maintenance staff. If you want to retrieve a potted plant, you must do so prior to the end of the week following the holiday.


Natural flowers may be planted in front of the monument or headstone (over the burial site) between March 1st and December 1st. Plantings must not extend more than 12 inches in front of the base of the monument and shall not exceed the length of the monument. The planting of shrubs or trees is strictly prohibited. No trellis or other support is allowed. Nothing, except flowers, is permitted around the base of monuments.


The management of Oak Lawn reserves the right to remove any plantings that do not conform to the above regulations. Flowers and decorations are placed on the grave site at your own risk. Oak Lawn Cemetery Association is not responsible for any loss or damage to any plants or decorations.





Mausoleum Rules & Regulations


All existing cemetery rules and regulations, when applicable, also apply to the Mausoleum. The Mausoleum is and will be a lasting memorial to deceased family members who are entombed within its walls. The dignity of this memorial must be maintained to the highest standards possible. Therefore, the following set of rules has been established for reasons of neatness, uniformity, maintenance and also to prevent damage to the building itself. These rules will be strictly enforced by cemetery management. In order to maintain the beauty and the dignity of the Oak Lawn Community Mausoleum, the following rules have been established.


1. Entombment in, or inscription on, any crypt or niche can be scheduled only after the purchase price has been paid in full.


2. Cemetery personnel will make all entombments, enurnments, and removals.


3. All inscriptions on any crypt or niche, and on the nameplates for glass-front niches, will be of a standard form, size, color, and style of lettering prescribed by the cemetery, and will be done only by authorized cemetery personnel. Inscription charges shall be paid in full before the inscriptions are engraved. Inscriptions will be limited to first name, middle name/initial, last name, year of birth and year of death, provided there is room on the crypt/niche front.


4. A small religious insignia will be permitted, as well as acknowledgment of military service if any.


5. A single floral arrangement, to be placed on the day of entombment or inurnment, will be permitted in the area adjacent to the entombment or inurnment. It will be removed after one additional day.


6. Nothing, including but not limited to flowers and pictures, shall be taped or otherwise affixed to the crypt and/or niche fronts.


7. A cemetery-approved silk flower decoration program is available. Please call the office (203-307-5854), or visit our website at for details. These decoration sare are the only ones permitted in the mausoleum. All other decorations will be removed.


8. Any crypt entombment will require the use of a crypt liner to be paid for by the crypt owner. The price of the crypt liner is included in the entombment charges.


9. Metal caskets are strongly endorsed for all entombments.


10. Any niche inurnment will require the use of a metal container paid for by the niche owner. The price of the container is included in the inurnment charges.


11. Urns for inurnment in glass-front niches shall be selected from designs approved by the cemetery. No objects other than the urn will be permitted in these niches.


12. It is strongly encouraged that all bodies be embalmed prior to entombment in the mausoleum.